Yuvi kidnapped Twinkle! Tashan-e-Ishq 18th July 2016 Episode Written Updates

Yuvi kidnapped Twinkle! Tashan-e-Ishq 18th July 2016 Episode Written Updates :- suddenly Rocky point out a gun at Yuvi and Yuvi don’t understand what happen? after pointing out a gun by Rockey then Yuki instantly gets angry and before getting any action there someone present and that shoots Rocky in a leg. Then after shooting Yuvi getting shocked for this incident, Then Within few minutes police is coming that location, Yuvi get under presser and run from there.


Tashan-e-Ishq Episode Written Updates

while before it an accident, Where Yuvi says I think Rocky was supporting me although he was pretending it. he also put his time in risk and he saved Babee, Manohar, and ,Usha.

He remembers how he invited Rocky and asked him to protect Babee, and Usha and Manohar, the answers I didn’t deliver him the position to the industry still he went there and how did he remember about the industry?

I have to protect my family, he is critical. Rocky’s partner arrives from back and begins hitting Yuvi, While Yuvi attempts to oppose although they struck him.

Yuvi saves himself and hits them, Rocky’s supervisor takes him and hits him seriously, Yuvi is dangerously hurt, they go from there though Yuvi rests there injured.

Yuvi attempts to get up, he tells you don’t understand me, Rocky then said, I believe that you are intelligent but I am no smaller, I believe that I have switched however my brain still can work turned like it used to work ahead

what are you thinking that you can succeed by performing these sleazy jokes? you did error by capturing Twinkle as you remember I can go to any area for Twinkle, I will destroy you just wait and mind.
However, Rocky relaxes in a car and tells Yuvi needed to protect Twinkle, immediately I will do such stuff with him. he will be destroyed.

Yuvi views Rocky going in the car, Yuvi tells presently I will convert your darkness, Rocky, I will support you universally and I will get my Twinkle first then I will kill you.

he flicks his nose close, he handled to do when he did to be wrong, he sits in a car and drives off.
Rocky is riding, Yuvi is tracking him and rocky ends at any place, he goes within downstairs, Yuvi gets there and watches Rocky.

Rocky arrives in the there and when Yuvi needs him and tells where did Rocky . Yuvi watches almost everywhere and said, this is the dark area, it indicates Rocky have held Twinkle here alone, somebody hits at his arm and after that, Yuvi turns to view Rocky smirk at him, he becomes angry.