Zac Stacy Viral Video With Ex Girlfriend On Social media Watch Online Details Explained!

A video is circulating all over the internet with maximum shares and many of them are talking about this. The video is about the former NFL player named Zac Stacy who has landed himself in hot waters after attacking to his ex-girlfriend named Kristin Evans who also shot and recorded the video and later posted it on the social media handles where it goes viral and shared by many of the users. After the uploading of the video, it didn’t take too much time for the users to comment on the video where some of them passed negative comments while some of them take it positively. At the time, Zac has not come with a statement regarding the video which is circulating on the internet at a higher rate, although, his ex-girlfriend named Kristin has talked out in connection to the condition while creating a GoFundMe Page to take a view against domestic violence.

she was concerned about her protection along with her son.

Speaking about who is Zac Stacy then he is an ex-New York Jets player and regrettably, he could not be a member of the NFL for a prolonged time just because of his injury which he got through playing a game in the match. Notwithstanding this, Zac has proceeded to hold and stay football a portion of his career. From a very young age, he took internet in football and many sports and also showed incredible and outstanding skills in many sports in his college football team and also grasp the award of Vanderbilt’s MVOP Award.

Zac Stacy Viral Video

In the year 2015, he was bought to New York Jets and after playing a few games on the team he got injured while playing against the Buffalo Bills and because of this. in year 2017 Zac showed he would take retirement from NFL but he still played football and makes a better place in his life as a football player. Now, the player comes in the headlines because of one of his videos which were uploaded on 18th November and after uploading the video the user gets shocked after seeing that Zac attacking his ex-girlfriend.

In resp0snding to this, his girlfriend Kristin reported she had called the cops and registered for a restrictive order on Zac as she was concerned about her protection along with her son. In the report, she stated that she was beaten many times by him and he constantly tortured her for a long time by which she filed a case against him. Now, let’s see what will happen next, till then stay tuned with us.

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