Zakir Naik Views: A girl who wears short clothes is molested and teased

Zakir Naik Views: A girl who wears short clothes is molested and teasedAn Islamic preacher Zakir Naik shared a video in which he shared his nasty views on molestation and rape incidents, A day after Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis ordered a probe into the speeches, writings, and other materials.



Naik said in the video that if a girl wears western style clothes, then she will be molested and teased by the ruffians who are sitting on the roadside. If a girl wears the clothes according to Hijab, then no one molested her.

Zakir Naik compares all the issue to Islam with an example also. This shows that he is mentally sick and blindly devoted to Islam.

Naik is accused of making defamatory speeches. These inflammatory speeches incite the Muslim youths  and  inspired the recent Bangladesh terror attacks.

Naik was born and he is living in Mumbai. Naik, 50 years old is a qualified doctor who left the medical profession to found the Islamic Research foundation(IRF). This foundation runs the Islamic International School and NGO United Islamic Aid for poor and destitute.

Zakir Naik is also the founder of Peace Television Channel, Peace TV Bangla and Peace TV Urdu and Dawah. These invites the people to understand Islam through dialogue.

He gives the name of all channel as “Peace”, but he does the work of inciting people of Muslim religion indirectly.