Zebronics launches new ‘Dragon’ 5.1 Bluetooth Speaker Price Features

Zebronics launches new ‘Dragon’ 5.1 Bluetooth Speaker Price Features : In a gadgets market, Where India’s No.1 IT Peripherals and Multimedia Speakers label company Zebronics on Tuesday launched a new 5.1 channel Bluetooth speaker ‘Dragon’ at jus Rs 11,111 and freshly launched 5.1 channel Bluetooth speaker ‘Dragon’ apart from Bluetooth Dragon speaker also supports USB, SD or MMC cards.

Zebronics launches new 'Dragon' Bluetooth speaker

According to the Zebronics company, Where the director of Zebronics, Pradeep Doshi, said in a press conference to announce that the about new featuring 5.1 channel Bluetooth speaker which name as Dragon and it supports USB and Micro SD card or SD. basically, it’s an Indian touch speaker which is given the best performance and provides the clarity of sound to full enjoyment and with providing the lot’s of features in the new coming 5.1 channel Bluetooth speaker ‘Dragon’.

Zebronics, 5.1 channel Bluetooth speaker ‘Dragon’ features

The New freshly announced Zebronics 5.1 channel Bluetooth speaker ‘Dragon’ characteristics ‘Red,Green,Blue’ (RGB) luminosity and Light Emitting Diode performance that shows volume and the settings control simultaneously with parts of the path that is being worked.

And aside from 5.1 Bluetooth, Dragon speaker also carries USB and SD cards or MMC cards so that users can just plug-in and dance with music from them and provided the world-class performance by this.

The new Dragon Bluetooth speaker 5.1 given the Moster pack sound and best mid-range price approximately 11,111 RS. in India.

Also, the director of the Zebronics company, Said that Also we work for some add new features in it, That is supports of the different format like MP3 and WMA formats and another digital frequency modules music with the memory storage which is up to added the around 50 channels.

So finally. India’s No.1 Bluetooth speaker company Zebonics delivered the brand new 5.1 channel Bluetooth speaker ‘Dragon’ .