Sonal Roka Today! Zindagi ki Mahek 23rd September 2016 Written Updates Episode

Sonal Roka Today! Zindagi ki Mahek 23rd September 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The show begins with Kanta says to Pammi that Mahek’s dad left 7lacs for her, we will make every effort; we will add cash to that for her marriage. They both get a call from Nehal and Mohit; they let them know that PD is sending Balwant to seniority home, they are stunned, Pammi asks what was the deal? Kanta says Balwant is sick; we need to go, they leave, Ajay cheerfully moves. Balwant sits on the floor and says i won’t go anyplace, maturity individuals get him and begins dragging him out of the house. Sonal and her mom sees this from their patio and giggles. Mahek says in what manner would you be able to commandingly drag him?


Mahek brings tea for everybody, Chachu checks Balwant’s BP and says its high, Balwant says PD didn’t leave any opportunity to toss me out, PD says rather than your quarreling; it’s ideal to toss you out; Chacha says how you can toss our dad out? Pd says to me, don’t undermine her, its been 8years since that mischance and you continue pointing the finger at her, you don’t converse with her pleasantly, she made sweet dish for you with so much love, however you tossed it out of house, you didn’t lose your child just, I lost my stupendous child as well, Balwant says you can overlook yet I cant, chacha says now you, individuals, are cheerful?

PD comes to Mahek, Mahek says I am miffed with you, Pd says I did everything for you, he is my child, yet you are my life, I won’t permit anybody to play with it, its been 8years, i won’t permit him to hurt you more, Mahek says its my and his issue, you cannot put damper on everybody’s state of mind, Pd says make great parathas for everybody, all will get to be cheerful, makes lemonade for me, Mahek says its for one who needs it most.

Kanta mumbles that Mahek and her PD are my exclusive issue. Mahek comes there with lemonade; Kanta approaches whats this for? Did i keep you hungry? Ramesh.. anybody you like, i will wed that individual just, she grins and clears out. Kanta drinks lemonade and quiets down.

All relatives are sitting in the parlor. Mohit says to Nehal lets do an editorial on a circumstance. Nehal gets some information about the match? Mohit says anything can happen; a contention is old; climate is hot. Mahek brings pakoras there. Chacha inquires as to whether Kanta ate anything? She asks Mohit, Nehal, and Mahek to leave; senior citizens need to talk, they clear out.

Santa Clause says to a family that Pammi gave the insight; they are trusting. PD says Pammi is pregnant? Kanta says i mean she is giving trust in a wedding; Mansi says they need settlement? She gestures, Chacha says in the event that we need this proposition then we need to give cash for a wedding; Chachu says individuals who are speculation in regards to cash more than the young lady then they are not fine. Kanta says they live in the area, we can go to their home at whatever time; Chacha says we ought to stay prepared for wedding go overboard; we have 8lacs which Maher’s dad left. Lets make a rundown of things we have to purchase. Chacha begins composing; Kanta says Tv. Air conditioning.. auto, he says which Tv? plasma? Microbes? There are such a large number of; she says I don’t have a clue.

Chachu says i didn’t care for Ajay, Chacha says so Mahek is not some ruler as well, Chachu says what you mean? Chacha says I didn’t mean it; Pd says he is not a decent person; he is not similar to Mahek. Mansi says why we ought to give share? Individuals discuss physically disabled individuals’ wedding without endowment too then why we need to give share? Kanta says how you will mastermind young lady’s marriage without the settlement? Mahek listens to this and feels terrible, Kanta says you individuals have gone frantic, share is imperative.

Its evening. Mahek is remaining on the gallery, she reviews family’s words, how they battled for cash. he composes “from when you begin taking strain on account of the family? quit drinking?”, Mahek thinks of “I don’t drink, my family is agonized over my wedding”, he composes ” wedding is issue, wedding is immaculate dish, on the off chance that one zest is missing then entire life can be devastated”, she grins, he composes ” you didn’t let me know before that family is discovering kid for you, when you begin appreciating orchestrate marriage?”, Mahek composes ” everybody goes for organize marriage in my family; they enjoyed one kid for me as well”. Mahek composes ” I don’t have any acquaintance with you yet I have an inclination that I know you by one means or another”. Fellow is stunned and unfriends her; she is stunned.


Its Sonal’s Roka today. Kanta gives money to Mahek to give it to Sonal. Mahek sees that guy’s family have brought many relatives with them. Sonal’s father is tensed and asks Mahek if she can do anything? Mahek says i can help, its Sonal’s Roka.