Zindagi Ki Mehek / Mahek 5th October 2016 Written Updates Episode! Mahek looks tensed

Zindagi Ki Mehek / Mahek 5th October 2016 Written Updates Episode! Mahek looks tensed :- The TV series Zindagi Ki Mehek is now yet to showcases that Mehek goes to sleep after chatting with Shaurya for a while. Next morning, Mehek find the rice from the previous day and decides to use it to prepare a new dish instead of wasting it. Meanwhile, Shaurya gets furious with the manager of his restaurant for trying to serve previous day’s food to the customer. He fires the manager and just then, Rajiv reaches the restaurant. He later meets Pammi and requests her for Mehek’s address but Pammi refuses to help him out. Later, Rajiv himself goes to several dhabas in search of Mehek. Will Rajiv finally find Mehek? Watch Zindagi Ki Mehek to know more.


Anyway, the last night episode of the TV series Zindagi Ki Mehek begins with Pammi break Mahek’s wedding with her son which makes the Sharma family tensed but due to Mahek consoles them they managed to cope up with the issue.
Mahek and Shaurya now chat on Facebook and they just feel happy to chat on the Facebook as both of them were smiling when they were chatting. On the other hand, Rajiv goes gaga for the cooking of Mahek and he shares the same with Shaurya.

Shaurya teases Rajiv that if he goes gaga for Mahek then he can tie the knot with her, he will be doing the Kanyadaan but for the sake of god he should discuss the business with him as that is crucial.

Suddenly next day Rajiv bump with Mahek and he just goes crazy to see her. He asked Mahek to prepare any dish in the Dhabha. Mahek finds it weird and shocked but she gives the nod. At the same time, she was nervous too.

Rajiv calls Shaurya and Shaurya despite he is in no mood to do so still he sit in the Dhabha and tasted the dish prepares by Mahek but he doesn’t like the dish and he humiliated Mahek as well the Dhabha. Mahek doesn’t like this and she asked to Shaurya that it is fine he doesn’t like the dish but he can’t insult the Dhabha anyhow.

After out of anger Shaurya left with Rajiv, Mahek tested the dish to find it too salty and she realised that Shaurya was right, this time, she fails to prepare delicious food. She feels bad for Shaurya that she lashes’ out at him.

Precap: Shaurya and Mahek both bump into each other.