Zindagi Ki Mahek/Mehak 21st October 2016 Written Updates! Shaurya attack mahek

ZEE TV most entertaining best show, Mehak looks like a magnificent dramatic program, which gives the high voltage potential that transfers to the Mehak supporters.


Mehak 21st October 2016 Written Update

The traditional TV series Mehak invariably made to give goose bumps to the spectators with its never going dilemma way and immediately the fresh crux of the program is to showcase in the current episodes that, Shaurya moves cut and erroneously wounds Mahek’s finger, she recoils in agony, Shaurya sees her finger dying, he holds her hand, takes a gander at finger then takes a gander at her.

Where In the latest incident, Shaurya says with all you hopefuls, we have Mahe Sharma too who ran away yesterday, he inquires as to why she is remaining on back row?

Move her work station to front column nearer to me. Mahek moves to the front line. Shaurya says today is first end round, who is not ready to shoulder weight, that individual will go home.

All of you need to put forth a strong effort and you need to make the dish which is near your heart and makes you review somebody who is near you, you have 60minutes for it. Mahek considers. All hopefuls begin cooking dishes.

Mahek begins cooking as well yet observes Shaurya gazing at her, she overlooks him. Outside scene, Kanta says don’t realize what is happening inside, Mohit says the just rivalry is going on, she says I am concerned in regards to Mahek, call her.

Mohit says chill, Kanta says don’t know whether fiend is disturbing Mahek. Inside scene, Mahek is occupied in cooking, one judge comes to one challenger and inquires as to whether this near your heart? The man says this dish is so near my heart I cannot let you know, this is in my family from three eras, she says great.

Mahek is attempting to discover something, she keeps running from her work station, she goes to basic supply slow down and brings fixings, she sees the camera and says down be frightened Mahek, center, you will do it, Shaurya watches her intently.

Mahek takes a gander at him and episodes. Shaurya stands up, Rajiv asks where are you going? shaurya says to your courageous woman, she all of a sudden has much certainty, I need to break her certainty and need to build my show’s TRP, he smiles at Mahek.

Mahek sees him and says control Mahek, he does not fall angel but rather hard cleaned human. Shaurya goes to Mahek’s work station, he says to you had certainty subsequent to leaving my room yesterday? why are you apprehensive at this point?

you said numerous discoursed, you didnt leave any opportunity to affront me, where is your certainty now? he sees her biting veggies and tells why your hands are shaking? do you require inspiration? would it be a good idea for me to remove my shirt?

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