Zindagi Ki Mehek / Mahek 17th October 2016 Written Updates Sharma House is in Dark hue!

Zindagi Ki Mehek / Mahek 17th October 2016 Written Updates Sharma House is in Dark hue! : Zee TV most actual interesting program, Zindagi Ki Mehek looks like a great entertaining show, which gives the high voltage potential that gives to the Zindagi Ki Mehek followers.


Zindagi Ki Mehek 17th October 2016 Written Update

The running V series Zindagi Ki Mehek admittedly made to give goose bumps to the spectators with its never leaving the dilemma way and unmistakably the principal crux of the show is to showcase in the current episodes that, Sharma house is in dull because of load shedding, all relatives accumulate and plays antakshari. PD asks Kanta for what valid reason she is lost in musings?

Kanta says I am concerned for Mahek, by what method will she survive rivalry? Shaurya goes to his kitchen and sees his terrific mother looking in an ice chest, he says Nans?

She says one day a young lady will come in your life, she will make kulfi(ice cream) for you, will do dressing of custard for you and will make you eat it, Shaurya looks on. Otherside Mahek is getting out Kulfi and custard of the kitchen for her family.
Where In the most recent episode, Ravi asks everything arranged? Mohit says yes. the house is upgraded with blooms, Ravi asks for that dhol people start playing when Mahek comes.

Balwant says she simply won experiment with not the contention. Ravi says she is the main young woman from our family to be seen on Tv soon, just think when a writer goes to our overall population, people endeavor to look in camera so that their face proceeds Tv for even a second.

Mahek comes there. Dhols starts playing, the whole family starts moving, Mahek is given the group, Sonal hits the moving floor with her yet resources something off with Mahek.

Kanta says to Mansi that I was so strained for Mahek and PD kept calling, Pd says my young woman was going to win, I expected to call. Kanta says Jeevan kept inquisitive in the matter of whether he can go shopping just as his work is more basic than her resistance.

Mohit says Mahek will win all rounds, Kanta says don’t weight her, Jeevan says don’t talk as to pressure(referring to the washroom). Mahek audits Shaurya raising hell with her, tormenting her at the competition.

Sonal asks where she is lost? Mahek motions nothing. Mahek is in her room, Mahek says to Sonal that Shaurya Khanna is the judge is at India’s super cook.

He was looking me strangely, he was endeavoring to debilitate me, he even misbehaved with me, Sonal asks her to not stretch.

Shaurya surveys how Mahek annoyed him at dhabba, he is irate and audits how Rajiv and Rekha picked her, how they lauded her. Mahek messages Shaurya “hi”.

Shaurya comprehends it yet doesn’t reply, he disposes of his phone being angry. Mahek says he read my message yet didnt reply, I wouldn’t fret, I am finding the opportunity to deal with every single crazy individual today regardless.

Sharma house’s lights go off. Otherside Shaurya’s home lights go off too. Shaurya hollers to switch on the generator.