Zindagi Ki Mehek 1st November 2016 Written Updates Episode! Shocking Twist

Zindagi Ki Mehek 1st November 2016 Written Updates Episode! Shocking Twist :- In the last week episode of the TV series Zindagi Ki Mahek, it has been shown that Mahek is covering herself and Shaurya looking at her. Then water drop from her hair gets on Shaurya’s face he just scolded her. In the house, Sonal is with Kanta and Kanta ask her that why she is alone in the home with Mahek.


Sonal says that Mahek was about to meet us in 25 minutes but we don’t know where she goes. Kanta cries and goes worried for Mahek and Jeevan give assurance to Kaanta that he will be searching Mahek anyway.

Shaurya is now eating and drinking and he also asked Mahek to take her water. Mahek then feels dizzy and Shaurya taunts her. Mahek replies and says that she is feeling like this as she is hungry now. Shaurya ask are you married, Mahek did not reply him and Sahurya wonder whether a single woman can keep fast or not.

Shaurya calls it all a crap and you girls are emotional fools. He then goes to the balcony and recalls some past moments and the accidents. He kicks the bucket there and Mahek arrives to see that.

Because of her fast felt dizzy and falls down. Shaurya comes and tries her to wake up and he asks her to eat and drink some water. Mahek says that she will eat after seeing the moon. Shaurya goes and sees the moon. He comes back to Mahek and says that your moon had come so you can eat. Mahek says that she will see it herself so Shuarya lifts her and she sees the same. Now Shaurya makes her eat an energy bar and water. He looks on at her.

Everyone in the house is tensed for Mahek. Pd is feeling restless and Kanta cries. Jeevana, Ravi, and Mohit go to search Mahek. Mahek asks Shaurya to be away. She scolded Shaurya for being too close to her and Shaurya looks on.
In the apartment, Shaurya looks at a bulb and takes it out. He then connects it to a wire and both Mahek and Shaurya now stands on the balcony. The guard sees the light flickering and goes to check. He then opens the lock and Shaurya scolds him. He then lifts Mahek and said that he is unable to walk now.

Somehow Shaurya manages to take Mahek to near the car and a romantic song play somehow. Shaurya lifts her to her house and everyone looks at Mahek. He already felt that neighbor will find it awkward but he has to carry Mahek as she was unable to walk.

Kanta talks to Jeevan and then gets shocked to see Mahek and Shaurya. She asks Jeevan to come and to look on.

Precap: Kanta scolds Mahek and says that did she make a mistake to send her in the competition. Kanta asked to Mahek that these rich people are having no feelings. Shaurya somehow listens to these all and get angry.