Shaurya gets Angry! #ZKM Zindagi Ki Mehek 28th October 2016 Written Updates

Shaurya gets Angry! #ZKM Zindagi Ki Mehek 28th October 2016 Written Updates : In the last night episode of the TV series Zindagi ki, Mahek has been started with Mahek see Shaurya in the balcony and she wonders where he is going. She further thinks that it might be her illusion. She goes back to Sonal and Vicky.


Vicky takes Mahek and Sonal with him and Ajay comes to Nehal and Nehal out of scared asked him to hide in the cupboard. Shaurya comes out of the washroom and says that there is no water. He calls for the broker and checks mobile to go to the Sonal’s washroom. He gets the bottle and goes to the washroom. Broker come there and they did not see Shaurya there and they lock the flat.

Zindagi Ki Mehek 28th October 2016 Written Updates

Then Sonal asked to Mahek that her earring is left in the room. Mahek went there to search the same. Mahek gets the earring and guard lock and somehow Shaurya is shocked to realize that he is trapped in the flat.

Mahek also locked in a room and she tries to open that as well she calls Sonal also. Shaurya thinks to call to make him free from the locked.

Actually due to Mahek and Shaurya are locked in the same room, Shaurya snatches her phone and tries to call but Mahek refused to give her phone to him in this process both of them come close.

Mahek then takes Shaurya’s phone and breaks it. Shaurya gets and spills water on Mahek. Shaurya calls by using Mahek’s phone and said that this phone is working.

Mahek breaks her own phone to and she asked Shaurya to stay away from her. Shaurya asked to her that he is not interested in her and give her a coat to wear as her dresses were totally wet but Mahek throws his coat which makes Shaurya shocked.

Kanta calls Sonal and Sonal lie to her. Vicky asked to Mahek that Sonal is at the home so she needs to go home now. Mahek is now eating energy bar in front of Mahek which makes Shaurya annoyed.

Precap: Mahek gets faint and Shaurya gets shocked. He asks Mahek to get up as well as he offers her water.