ZKM Zindagi Ki Mehek / Mahek 4th October 2016 Written Updates Episode

ZKM Zindagi Ki Mehek / Mahek 4th October 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The last night episode of the TV series Zindagi Ki Mehek begins with Rajiv tastes the food prepares by Mehek and asks Shaurya to do the same. Shaurya too tastes the food and after a while, all the participants prepare for the final results. Pammi wins the competition but just as she gets on to the stage to receive the prize; Mrs Chawla reveals that it was Mehek, who had prepared the dish.


She even produces a recorded video to prove the same. Mehek leaves the venue and refuses to climb on the stage when Rajiv calls out to her. Pammi loses her award to Mrs.Chawla and later, Pammi starts to insult Mehek before her entire family.

The cooking based TV series Zindagi Ki Mehek further shows that somehow Mahek go fall down as Shaurya come to hear to see she was eating chocolate. Shaurya feed her chocolate by force which she spitted but also feels insults as Shaurya’s behaviours was too rude with her.

It is reveals that Pammi did not prepares any dish, in fact it is prepared by her assistant Mahek. Much before that Shaurya and Rajiv likes Pammi’s dish but after the truth comes out they just scolded and humiliated Pammi how she can do cheating to win the competition.

Now the competition owner announced that if Mahek prepares the dish she should receive the prize of Pammi and they invites Mahek to join the stage. But till then Mahek run away from there as she goes worried to see that Pammi’s truth comes out.

The competition owner shocked to see that Mahek did not join the stage so they announced Mrs. Chawla as the winner but Mahek’s brother go there to meet with Rajiv and Mahek’s family is too happy to see everybody praised Mahek.
Now Pammi humiliated Sharma family and also break Mahek’s wedding with her son. Chachi unable to control her emotions and argue with Pammi also hatred feel that Mahek’s wedding broken now but Mahek consoles Chachi somehow.

Rajbir keeps praising Mahek but Shaurya looks unaffected with Mahek’s cooking. Mahek also asked Chachi to abuse Pammi in the phone by changing her voice so she can feel better and Chachi also tries to do so.