Zinedine Zidane reacted after getting abused by Christiano Ronaldo

The spat between 31 year Christiano Ronaldo and his Real Madrid’s team manager is not hidden from anyone. Recently, Ronaldo was accused of abusing Zinedine Zidane after Zidane took substituted him in the 72nd minute.


According to the sources, Ronaldo was very angry with his team manager for making him substitute and thus, he abused Zidane. Meanwhile, Ronaldo has come under fire from his numbers of people for abusing Zidane’s mother.

It is believed that Ronaldo blasted on Zidane by telling him ” “your f**king mother” or “f**k you” in the direction of the Zidane. “Not just that, but he also said…a Portuguese expression somewhere between ‘f–k yourself’ and ‘for f–k’s sake.”

And, when Zidane was asked about this incident then he informed media wing that ” Ronaldo was angry. He is a kind of a person who always loved to be on the ground playing for his team, but we rested him for making him fit for rest of the game. ”

Well, the world knows that the three-time Balon d’Or winner
is very competitive and passionate about his game and even Zidane knew this and he does not react it in a hyper way.