Accident At Chennai’s Kishkinta Amusement Park 1 Dead, 2 arrested

Accident At Chennai’s Kishkinta Amusement Park 1 Dead,  2 arrested: Shocking news came from Chennai. An incident occurred there in amusement. Employees of the park were called there for a test a ride of Disco Dancer last evening. Then suddenly the hammock fell like tea cup that tilts from one side to the other.


Suddenly the giant hammock wheel crashed there, and all the peoples were badly injured in this incident. The coaches of giant wheel crashed down from a height of 15 feet. 20 persons were in the wheel.

Police arrested the owner of this park. According to sources, that workers were not ready to sit in that Disco Dancer but then the owner forced them to check it. One person died in this incident. And the rest of all are seriously injured. Josh Punnish, the owner of this amusement park, was arrested later.

One of the victims. Dheenadayalan described an incident that first two minute was very fine but after some time they felt jerk, he said that there was a man behind him who hold his hand told him not to scared. After a minute, the person who held his hand was missing everything went black.

The rest of injured person are in a critical stage. Dheenadayalan is doing their job of mixing chlorines in Swimming Pools. A 19-year-old worker died in this incident. His body was handed over his family and relatives.

This news story was entirely a shocking for all. Most of the workers got 5000-6000 salary in that amusement park. We should all beware of these types of daily incident. Police should investigate into this matter, and the owner should be punished for it.