Bihar road age: Rocky Yadav confessed of Killing Aditya Sachdeva

Bihar road age: Rocky Yadav confessed of Killing Aditya Sachdeva : We all know about a 19 Year Old Boy Killed by Politician Manorama Devi’s Son for Overtaking his car in Bihar. Her son Rocky killed Aditya Sachdeva at that night. After that, Manorama Devi was suspended from the party.

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The police arrested his husband, Bindi Yadav. Manorama Devi’s son Rocky Yadav is the accused of murder. If talking about the crime issues, then it is arising day by day in Bihar. After the killings of engineers in Bihar now the case of bossing came to all of us.

Let’s talk about the incident. Rocky Yadav was on a night out with his friends. Aditya was with his four friends; they were driving home from a birthday party on the night of May 7. Aditya tried to overtake Rocky’s Landcruiser and then suddenly Rocky fired on him from his pistol.

Aditya was dead at that spot. After that police arrested his father, Bindi Yadav. Now a new report came from the police sources that Rocky confessed killed a businessman’s son at that night. Rocky was escaped after the incident.

But finally, police arrested him and investigated the facts and truth of this matter. A large number of peoples were on the protests after After Aditya’s murder. BJP leaders continuously aimed the leaders of RJD and JDU party.

On the other hand, Lok Jan Shakti Party leader Chirag Paswan termed the shooting as “the return of jungle raj” in Bihar. BJP leaders and workers held protest rallies in Gaya and other states against RJD and JDU.

But now Rocky Yadav confessed his fault, and everyone is waiting for justice. Later, Rocky Yadav recanted his statement before the media.Well,we hope police will do their work honestly and then court will punish Rocky Yadav for his accuse.