Bill Gates Become Richest Man Of World Worth $87.4 Billion

Bill Gates Become Richest Man Of World Worth $87.4 Billion :- Bill Gates the founder of OS Microsoft Company is again makes headlines being richest man of the world. By the way he always makes headlines for being richest man of the world and this year he does the same.

Bill Gates

As per report, this year he had Nett income of $87.4 Billion means around all year he earned Ra. 5.0 Lacs crores as per the Indian rupees. With his income Bill Gates literally beats the second-most richest man by an incredible margin of over $20 billion.

As per report of a company named Wealth-X makes out a list in which the many names of the richest persons have been mention and in this list Bill Gates get position in the number one zone.

The Facebook (Most popular social site of the world) co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerburg is also get the 8th position with the net worth income of $42.8 Billion.

The other billionaires whose names mentions there in the list are, the founder and CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos and the Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison also got position there in the list. The Amazon founder Jeff Bezos get 4th position with net worth income of $56.6 billion and Larry Ellison get 7th position with net worth income of $45.3 billion.

We are here only mentions top names of the billionaires as per media report and to come in this list the billionaires in the world have to be income of $14.3 billion net worth is required.

Anyway now again Bill Gates top the position by beating 49 person, and Bill Gates become the most richest man in the world again. In 1987 Bill Gates was first in his life mention himself the World’s Wealthiest Men and eventually in the years of 1995-2007 he did the same. But in 2008 he got beaten by Warren Buffet but in 2009 he again got his position back. After that for 5 months he was the second richest person of the world. Now as per latest report with the collection of the $82 billion from $40 billion he becomes again first richest person of 2014. And now he again tops the chart of the richest person of 2016.