Delhi Police Sabzi Mandi Cop Arrested In The Case Of Abetting A Woman For Suicide

Delhi Police Sabzi Mandi Cop Arrested In The Case Of Abetting A Woman For Suicide :- A police officer arrested in Delhi for abetting a woman for suicide. The lady was a married woman. She hanged herself in her room and left a suicide note in which she mentioned about the Policeman. She indicated that Dinesh Kumar was abetting her to do that extreme step.

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He was arrested on Saturday in North Delhi’s Sabzi Mandi area.
Dinesh Kumar is posted as the Station House Officer at Vijay Vihar Police station in outer Delhi. After this incident, Dinesh Kumar was arrested under Section 306 of IPC.

Senior officials of the police said that A women who hanged herself in her house left a suicide note alleging Dinesh Kumar was abetting her to taken these steps. Well, the initial steps for this case had already taken, but a proper investigation is remaining in this case.

DCP Madhu Verma said that Police Inspector had been arrested under Section 306. She also added that the lady was married, and her husband name is Ramniwas, who is known for his bad character in his area.

The officials said that Dinesh Kumar first summoned Ramniwas, and later he beat him so much in the police station. After it, he was admitted to hospital.

A departmental inquiry has been initiated. They are trying ton find the connection between the matter of Ramniwas and the suicide of his wife. The women mentioned in her suicide note Dinesh Kumar tortured her, and he coerces her to taken such extreme steps.

Well, everyone in that area shocked after her suicide and no one exactly knew the reason behind this. So the proper truth and information will come out after a police investigation and after Dinesh’s statement. We hope if Dinesh Kumar is the reason behind his suicide then he should be punished under the Indian law.