Donald Trump : Won’t allow H1B visa holders to replace US workers

Donald Trump : Won’t allow H1B visa holders to replace US workers :- President-elect Donald Trump has said he would not permit Americans to be supplanted by outside specialists, in an evident reference to cases like that of Disney World and other American organizations wherein individuals employed on H-1B visas.


Including Indians, uprooted US laborers. Mr. Trump told We will battle to ensure each and every American life, and a huge number of his supporters in Iowa on Thursday as he alluded to the instances of Disney world and different US organizations. Amid the battle, I likewise invested energy.

Also, American laborers who were laid off and compelled to prepare the outside specialists got to supplant them. We won’t give this a chance to happen any longer, Trump promised in the midst of cheers and acclaim from the crowd. Can you trust that?

You get laid off and after that, they won’t give you your severance pay unless you prepare the general population that is supplanting you. That is to say, that is really disparaging possibly more than whatever else.

The two representatives, Leo Perrero and Dena Moore were among 250 Disney tech laborers laid off from their occupations at Walt Disney World in Orlando in January 2015. They have likewise dragged two IT organizations HCL Inc and Cognizant Technologies into this legal claim.

Disney World and two outsourcing organizations have been slapped with a government claim by two of its previous innovation staff, charging that they planned to dislodge American specialists with less expensive remote work conveyed to the US on H-1B visas, for the most part from India.

Also, Trump said that We will prevent the medications from immersing our nation. We will prevent the medications from harming our awesome and excellent and cherishing youth.

  • foolindeed

    What is happening to kids who went out and got computer science degrees in US? They are being replaced by the same system that made jobs like landscaping, housekeeping and construction not livable. It’s a shame because they tell all these displaced blue collar workers to go get IT degrees, learn a tech skill- and then instead of a person in Mexico replacing them, they get replaced by an a person in India via off-shoring or on H-1B visa. And now they have student loans to pay.
    But what I see happening to the educated upper middle class is what happened to the middle class – export the jobs or look the other way as cheap labor is brought in to do jobs that business owners claim they can’t fill.

  • foolindeed

    Here is why we don’t hear about these issues daily while such H-1B , L-1, etc. visa abuse happens constantly and everywhere:

    Companies’ HR forces you to sign a paper that legally prevents you from speaking out or suing the company if you want to get your severance package. If you refuse to train your replacements, you don’t get your package either. Since most people that are being replaced have been with the company for many years, they sign it and keep quiet to get their money and benefits for several months to keep them afloat while they look for another job. Another reason is that this abuse is legal according to the current law thus one can rarely win the battle till the law is changed.

    Let’s give Trump a chance to fix this, he better deliver… Our corrupt Congress will certainly fight any meaningful change.

  • Judie Markith

    Protectionism is the new normal. Please get used to it. Most of the technological innovations are created by Americans and every one else is simply riding the wave. We do have our share of burger flippers but we do have a small percentage of very high achievers who created the run the Silicon Valley. If Indians can perform well in Silicon Valley, they should be able to perform well in India. Time to go back home and make India great again I lost my job to H1B workers more than a decade ago and was never able to find meaningful work again. While I feel bad for Indian Workers who will be losing their American Dream soon, the situation has reached this level due to rampant abuse of H1B Visas by Indian Staffing Companies. American Middle Class has been leveled off to build Indian Middle Class (IT Workers). I have mixed feelings as some people will be going back home and I feel their pain while our future generations will have something to look forward to. We have sold the American Dream to Staffing Companies. Competent and best of Tech Workers are always and will always be welcome in America. If anyone wants to get a better perspective from an Indian immigrant, search for Trump Uncertainty Principle H1B wikimonk in google. This is a brilliant piece written by one of your own who probably understand this topic better than the Indian IT workers and way better than American politicians.