Now Get Delhi Traffic SMS Alerts on your Mobile

Now Get Delhi Traffic SMS Alerts on your Mobile : Now you’ll get a new facility related to delhi traffic. Now you’ll be able to get sms alerts on your phones. After reaching out to commuters through social media to inform them about traffic situations in the city, the Delhi Traffic Police has now come out to the aid of people with basic mobile phones.

The service is being launched in association with Indian Government’s Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MoIT), which have provided bulk SMS service free of cost to Delhi Police for this purpose, said police.

Delhi Traffic SMS alerts on Mobiles

The Delhi traffic police’s SMS alert service can be subscribed to by sending an SMS to 9811452220. The police will then send you information about traffic jams due to vehicle breakdowns, water logging, accidents, road blocks, or traffic diversions. To unsubscribe send to the same number.

This service was run for a few months on trial basis in 2012 also through a private company to test its viability.



Good News for you all. Now Get Delhi Traffic SMS Alerts on your Mobile.