12-Year-Old Schoolboy Dies After Garage Wall Collapsed In Clacton In Essex

12-Year-Old Schoolboy Dies After Garage Wall Collapsed In Clacton In Essex:- A teenage boy handed his life after being involved in a tragic accident. On Friday night,  October 21, 2022, a garage wall collapsed in Clacton in Essex due to which a 12 years old boy died. Since this news came up and surfaced on the internet it has been trending all over social media. Netizens are also getting curious to learn about this tragedy. Who was the victim and what was his identity? A number of questions are yet to be answered. Reportedly, the emergency personnel was called to St. John Road on Friday night after collapsing a garage wall. To get further details and updates you have to go through the further given sections of this article. Kindly take a look below and read the further sections.

12-Year-Old Schoolboy Dies After Garage Wall Collapsed In Clacton In Essex Who was the victim

12-Year-Old Schoolboy Dies After Garage Wall Collapsed

The emergency services were very quick to respond to the scene. Reports are claiming that emergency services reported to the scene around 7 pm on Friday shortly after getting informed about the incident. The authorities claimed that a wall collapsed on St. John’s Road that caused a 12-year-old boy to die at the scene. What were the circumstances surrounding the accident? Read this information in the further given section. Scroll down the page and take a look below.

Authorities found a boy dead on the scene. The victim was declared dead on the scene. However, all the necessary emergency aids were provided to the victim. Despite efforts, the 12-year-old boy could be revived. Furthermore, another was also rescued from the rubble but he survived the incident. Reportedly, another man is said to be of 30 years and he sustained an arm injury. Were the 12-year-old boy and another man known to each other? The officials claimed that both were known to each other. What were the identities of the victims? Scroll down the page and read what the officials stated.

After the collapse of a wall, St. John Road was closed for hours. As per the reports, a detective inspector named James Hardingham is leading the case. James also shared his condolences and thoughts with the family of the boy who died in the mishap.

James Hardingham stated, “We’re continuing our inquiries to establish the facts leading to the wall collapse. If anyone has information that can help us, or anyone who was in St John’s Road just before 7 pm last night and saw anything that could help our investigation, please call us. Our firefighters worked incredibly hard to save both casualties and this is never the outcome we want to see.”

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