16 Year Old Boy S*x Attack On 79 Year old Women Inside her Home

16 Year Old Boy S*x Attack Reece Wigglesworth is the name of a teenage boy who has been pronounced by the local court to be nothing but a danger for society on the account of his crimes. Although he is a teenager yet he has been charged with some ignominious charges as per the law of the United States of America. He has been charged with assaulting an old woman. According to the media sources, he has robbed as well as sexually misbehaved with a woman. The old woman has shared her pity with the police as a result he has been put behind the bars. The old lady has stated that he had broken into her accommodation with the view to robbing her.

‘Dangerous’ boy, 16, launched terrifying sex attack on 79-year-old victim inside her home

For the time being, he decided to make capital of the situation of the old woman. According to the police reports, he has been arrested for not only robbing but also forcing a woman to make digital sex with him. The police officers have mentioned the victim woman to be 69-year-old. On the other hand, the accused child is 16-year-old. The case has become so popular that is being shown on an even number of news networks.

16 Year Old Boy S*x Attack

According to the police investigation, it is not happening for the first time that the accused boy has committed any crime in his life. Earlier to the discussed accusation, he horrified a physically challenged woman with a knife outside her house for money and he robbed the woman and that too outside her own house. The earlier incident had taken place around seven months later to the recent allegations. In the judgement of his crime, Judge Glenn has stated for Reece Wigglesworth that he has been nothing but a danger for a large group of the community.

Moreover, he has been ordered to be punished for the digital penetration of two women at different times and different places. The judge of this case has sentenced the 16-year-old convict to imprisonment of eight-and-a-half years. He is a child. Nevertheless, he is subjected to be sentenced as per the equal laws as his crime is always unexpected from the side of an individual of his age. His case has surged wrath on the security services of the local areas because both the victim women were assaulted in their own locality.

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