16-yr-old Kid practices in a dam, hopes to represent India at 2020 Tokyo Olympics

16-yr-old Kid practices in a dam, hopes to represent India at 2020 Tokyo Olympics : There is a lot of talks about the failure of Indian athletes at the ongoing Rio Olympics 2016. Many eyes have been raised over the player’s performance in their respective games.


But, there is a discussion that it is the players who are doing giving their 100 percent, or they are not equipped to qualify for the level of Olympics. Well, there is no doubt about the potential of Indian Olympians, but the factor that is considered to the failure of Indian Olympics is the lack of training facilities.

And recently a new case has come, where a 16-year-old athlete I determined to play at the Olympics, but she does not have any training facilities.

The name of this talented girl is Rekha Kumari, and she hails from the from Jharkhand and is a state-level swimmer. Rekha has the dream to represent his country at the Olympics, but she is forced to train  10 km outside Ranchi, Jharkhand’s capital, to practice at a dam.

According to the reports Rekha along with other talented swimmers are trained under the Swimming Federation of India program, that helps in spotting poor talented swimmers and training them free of cost to make them eligible to swim at National and International level.

But, then why there are training in dangerous dams. According to the reports,  a National Stadium with an Olympic-sized swimming pool was built in Ranchi in 2011, buts its door are now closed, and the officials have no single word for this.

Umesh Kumar who is the coach of the Rekha told media wing that how could teach them swimming as its too dangerous. I hope the government will look upon this and will take measures to promote young talents.

It is also said that the 2011 built swimming pool was opened for swimmers and their coaches but without giving any explanation, they were asked to pack their bags.

Meanwhile, Rekha Kumari is dreaming of representing his country at the 2020 Olympics at the Tokyo, but with this kind of facilities, it looks hard for her to perform well at Olympics level.