26/11 Attack Case : David Headley depose before Mumbai court through Video

26/11 Attack Case : David Headley depose before Mumbai court through VideoWell :  Lashkar-e-taiba terrorist David Coleman Headley is testifying just before Mumbai court through video conference from U.S. In from where he doing this it doesn’t come out and that could be a undisclosed location. He is serving 35 Years in jail for his role in the 26/11 attack.


David Headly was an American, Pakistani origin terrorist. He is one of the biggest Masterminds of India 26/11 Attack. He told a lot about the Lashkar-e-taiba and now he opened a lot of unsolved mastery.

He said that before 26/11 they are targeted two times before Mumbai attack but failed because of lots of reason and then finally 26/11 they completed their target. He said that he joined that mission after listing hafiz Saeed he got big influence of his lecture and than he also wanted to join Lashkar-e-taiba. He said that after his joining he met “Major Iqbal” Pakistani ISI.

The court, which is hearing the conference by teleconference, said that he changed his name to Daood Gilani to enter in India. He said a lot of facts by these video not just about the India even he said a lot about the Pakistan too

Facts that David said on video Conference –

  • David wants to fight against the Indian troops in Kashmir but they didn’t send him he said that before deposing in Mumbai court.
  • When he during his course from Lashkar, they also told him that India is against Islam and they need to fight for their region.
  • He said that he used to meet a lot of big head of Lashkar-e-taiba and they preach them about “Jihad” and all.
  • He joined them after he got influence by hafiz Saeed.
  • David’ lawyer said that he don’t want to work on Hafiz’ direction.
  • Tawahurr hussain was his school mate and studied together than he become docter in Pakistani army.

There’s a lot more hafiz said about and also he said that “Major Iqbal” thinks that he can be a good informer from India. End even All details except place of birth everything is incorrect on my passport and visa application.