29 dead, 166 wounded in the ill fated twin bombing in Istanbul bombings

29 dead, 166 wounded in the ill fated twin bombing in Istanbul bombings :- The morning brings the horrifying news that 29 people are killed on Saturday inn double bombings that struck after the football match hosted by top side Besiktas. The reports suggest that the double bombing results in killing mots of the police men around 27 and 2 civilians are also dead. Apart from this, 166 are injured and taken to the nearby hospital for further medical assistance.



Turkish Interior Minister, Suleyman Soylu in an interaction with the media are informed that “the first bomb was struck in the car and it went off outside Besiktas’s football stadium. And, after 45 seconds, the second bomb hit nearby Macka Park as the suicide bomber blow him up in the middle of the numbers of Policemen.”


Meanwhile, the local Police force has arrested 10 suspects, and they are investigating from them. The authorities of Turkish believe that the two bombing are linked with each other, but they did not reveal who is behind the attack.


Well, in between all this, the world is murmuring losses of life of Police Officers and the two civilians.