3 NDRF Teams Sent to Uttarakhand Forest Fires Rescue

3 NDRF Teams Sent to Uttarakhand Forest Fires Rescue :- Forces team sent to Uttarakhand forest. A massive fire broke out in Uttarakhand’s forest, and it spreads all around in the jungle. Now so many peoples are sent there, Natural Disaster response force were sent there to douse the fire. 135 personnel had sent there for rescue operations.


Governor KK Paul asked NDRF for help to raise above this crisis. A high-level meeting mounted over this to provide water tankers to douse the fire.Cause there were so many Cheed and sal trees which are highly inflammable. And as the officials said that Pauri, Tehri, and Nainital are the worst affected area having these woods.

NDRF companies will launch fire extinguishers and rescue operations in affected areas. Chief Secretary Shatrughna Singh said that their focus is to taking precautions to minimize loss to forest and wildlife.

Inspector General Sanjay Gunjyal had been deputed to corporate with NDRF team. Uttarakhand governor also convened an urgent meeting of officials to concern about the fire. The meeting is mounted to taken steps to control the forest fires cause it is spreading to residential areas.

The PCF said that” forest fire is very natural during summer but this time, it spread over a large area.” They also added that this time fire spread on a bigger scale because of little or no rain during winter at most places.

Fire-points are being available there from next seven days by Pre- fire alerts in forest areas.

On this crisis, former chief minister Harish Rawat asked KK Paul to declare Uttarakhand as a fire-disaster stricken coast or state, and they told him to involve locals in extinguishing the fire.

Well, these types of fire mostly broke in these types of forest in Uttarakhand.We need to Pre-ready about this incident and taken some steps to avoid fire.