303 Accident Today: 2 Killed In on Highway Fatal Crash Near Bethny Home Road

303 Accident Today: 2 Killed In on Highway Fatal Crash Near Bethny Home Road Sorrowful news is coming from Loop 303 road. The is accident has caused the demise of one passenger. The concerned accident took place on Friday evening January 28, 2022. It was around8:45 PM when the misadventure happened. The media reports have disclosed that the accident included one car and one truck. If we talk about the exact location of the accident scene, it occurred along Loop 303 in Maricopa County, the United States. The Arizona State police are probing the case. For More Details Dekhnews.com

303 Accident Today: 2 Killed In on Highway Fatal Crash Near Bethny Home Road

303 Accident Today

A spokesperson of the Arizona Department of Public Safety has stated that an SUV car and a truck collided on the road that resulted in giving some injuries to two and one passing away. The police have identified the truck driver to be named Fabian Javier Grimaldo. He is 21-year-old. There was a passenger in the truck named Joaquin Santiago Ruiz aged 21 years. On the other side, the name of the driver of the SUV is Brian Vaughn. The driver of the SUV was an old man and his 61-year-old.

The police have been investigating the case and it has suspected the driver of the truck for the mishap. It seems that the driver of the SUV is on the verge of getting the punishment in the courtroom trial. The police have informed that they approached the scene of the mishap as soon as they get the complaint of the accident. They had gone to the Loop 303 with all te affirmative sources including paramedics and the ambulance.

Somewhere or other, this accident has realized people that people should be careful while driving. People are wondering to know the reason for the accident. The police investigation as of now has reached the truck driver to be the convict. Rizu was the only passenger who lost his life in the accident. He was much too young to die. He died at the age of 21 years.

Grimald has been charged with offences of manslaughter and some other criminal damages. Further police prob will disclose more about this misadventure. The family of the victim is mourning because they have lost a young member of their family. May God give the soul of the victim a place in heaven to rest in peace. His family is in the prayers of people so that they may get the strength to overcome this incident and move forward in their lives.

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