5 Major Differences Between The Reel Life Story Of Padmaavat and Real Life Story

5 Major Differences Between The Reel Life Story Of Padmaavat and Real Life Story: – Finally, most awaited and anticipated historical drama ‘Padmaavat’ hit theatres on this Republic Day week. The journey of this Bhansali’s directorial movie from being ‘Padmavati’ to Padmaavat is the result of it’s all controversies’ which are going on around the film.

Post the honorable Supreme Court declares that the Padmaavat will be release it hit theatres.

The movie Padmaavat received such a good and rave reviews in the whole nation post the film hit theatres on 24th January and the Bhansali’s direction and casting leave a good impact for the movie and fans also liked the same. Padmaavat Review and Ratings

Coming to the storyline, Padmaavat is a historical drama and reportedly based on the poem Padmaavat and on the life of Rani Padmavti who embraced jauhar in order to protect herself from Khilji.

Anyway, Padmaavat is larger than life show which is well received by the fans and the critics and the film is doing quite well now. Day before the release of Padmaavat Gurugram School Bus attacked

Though, the climax of the movie won the staggering 164 minutes of it. Music of the film is also good and mostly stars deliver good job on the screen in this movie.

But, how the real-life story of the queen Padmaavat is different from the reel-life? Find out in this article?

1). Rani Padmini’s friend, a pet Parrot: 


As per history, Padmini was close friends with a talking parrot, but her father did not like her friendship with a parrot. So, the parrot was ordered to be executed but the parrot somehow managed saved herself and she reached to the local king Ratan Sen.

That parrot was all-praises for the beauty of Rani Padmavati.

But, in the movie, this important event of the parrot neither displays, mentioned or being discussed.

2). How Rani Padmini Met Ratan Singh:

The story of Rani Padmavat is an important chapter to study in the schools of Rajasthan which display in the beginning versions of the story Rani Padmini was a Sri Lankan princess who met with the Ratan Singh through her lost parrot.

But, in the movie, the meeting scene of Rani Padmavat and the Rajkumar Ratan Singh is showcase completely different from the real life.

3). There are over 5 versions of the Padmavati’s story in History:

Now, this is the serious problem. In the story of Rani Padmavati, there are nearly 5-8 versions of the story the history is having.

The first one came in the 16th century so this is the around 250 old story post-Rani Padmini’s self-immolation. Now, why did in the movie it showcased that it is a 200 years old story.

4). The Marriage of Rani Padmini and Ratan Singh:

According to the different stories and narration about the Rani Padmavati is said that she was a well-trained warrior and she was also able to defeat the enemies on the battlefield.

In real life, Rani Padmavati kept a condition that whoever would defeat the designated fighter in a sword battle will be able to marry her.

And the King Ratan Singh managed to prove his worth and he tied-knot with Rani Padmavati and this important incident also did not mentioned or show in the movie.

5). Ratan Singh’s Death:

As per history, the evil king Alauddin Khilji was totally smitten by the beauty of Rani Padmavati when he saw her in the mirrors as Rani Padmavati did not allow Khilji to see her directly and decided to have her.

Then Alauddin deceitfully captured Ratan Singh. This led to the women of Chittor prepare for Jauhar when the battle in the war was still going on. As many soldiers of Chittor’s army died, Ratan Singh also died with them.

But in the movie, the death of Ratan Singh played by Shahid Kapoor is shown very differently from the original one.