5 Things to Do After Getting a DUI Charge

After you get a DUI charge, the next steps you take have a crucial impact on your future. Whether you were under the influence or you are being falsely accused of DUI, these five things are essential for the best possible outcome.

DUI Charge

1. Do Not Speak to the Police

Once the police place you under arrest for DUI, nothing you can say will help. You may have other evidence that indicates your innocence, but attempting to explain your way out of the situation won’t work in your favor.

Instead, tell them you wish to remain silent and would like to speak to your attorney. Do not say anything else after you exercise this Constitutional right.

2. Contact an Experienced DUI Attorney

After being taken into custody, you’ll have the chance to make phone calls. Contact an experienced DUI attorney for your defense. Most of them provide a free initial consultation to ensure you’ve found the right fit for your legal representation.

While you will be offered the option to have the court appoint a public defender to your case free of charge, you’re better off hiring an attorney. You do not get to pick your public defender, which means they may not have experience representing people facing DUI charges. They also have heavy caseloads and are spread far too thin to provide the personal attention you need.

3. Record the Details of the Events Leading Up to Your Arrest

After being released, you should attempt to piece together all the details about your arrest and the moments before it. Write them down or record them in a voice memo, even the smallest details. Think about how you first encountered the police, the reason they gave for pulling you over, if you performed a field sobriety test, and anything else you can recall. This can help your attorney prepare a strong defense in your case.

4. Look for Possible Witnesses

Think about where you were prior to getting arrested for DUI. For example, if you were at a restaurant with friends, you should reach out to them and the restaurant staff as potential witnesses. Your attorney can contact witnesses and see if anything they have to say can be helpful.

5. Gather Potential Evidence

Other evidence may also be instrumental in poking holes in the prosecution’s case. You may be able to get a copy of your bill from the restaurant that shows you didn’t order any alcohol. The restaurant may also have security cameras that show you were not drinking. Once you share this with your DUI attorney, they will know how to use this information to your benefit.

Of these tips, choosing a DUI attorney is one of the most important things you can do. They will put together the pieces leading up to your arrest that will cast doubt on the prosecution’s claims.

You’ll want to keep a low profile during this time to ensure things work out in your favor. Visit this website to learn more about what to do after getting charged with DUI.

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