9 people arrested in Maharashtra for link ups with ISIS

9 people arrested in Maharashtra for link-ups with ISIS: On 23rd January 2019, Wednesday, Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad crackdown a major group of teenagers who are supposed to have link-ups with the ISIS. According to an official statement, they have arrested nine people comprising a youngster from Mumbra, Thane and Aurangabad for suspected associations with the ISIS.

The arrests approached for the duration of the sequence of a research and analysis into the presence of sleeper cells in advance of Republic Day.

9 Including 17-Year-Old Arrested In Maharashtra For Alleged Links To ISIS

There are total number of 9 people who were arrested and those are identified as Salman Khan, Fahad Shah, Zamen Kutepadi, Mohseen Khan, Mohammad Mazhar Shaikh, Taki Khan, Sarfaraz Ahmed, Zahid Shaikh and also an underage 17-year-old younster. Out of those three of them are brothers whose main assignment was to employee and radicalise young men.

The ATS appealed it had “very reliable input” about a squad associated with the ISIS and put the suspects under observation for numerous weeks.

He said, “When it was revealed that the group is likely to carry out terror acts, the ATS formed about a dozen teams and carried out searches and seizures at five different locations in Mumbra, Thane and Aurangabad simultaneously during the intervening night and early morning of 22 January”.

He also said that during the raids, the ATS grasped all the chemicals, powder, SIM cards, acid bottle, knives, mobile phones, hard drives and many more.

Under Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, the case has been recorded and more investigation is in the progress.

As per the ATS officials, there are three brothers out of the nine suspects and those are Salman, Mohseen and Taki. They were influenced by ISIS supporters and were provided various tasks to influence others too and make them join ISIS. The eldest brother out of 3, Mohseen, was observing every associate from Mumbra and was linked with information unit of ISIS and was the head of the local module.

Mohammad Mazhar Shaikh used to work in a private firm in Bhiwandi, he was there as computer engineer. He then met Mohseen and Salman last year for the duration of Ramadan in a mosque at Mumbra.

The ATS officials captured Mohseen who left three days ago for Aurangabaad. Later, on Monday evening Mazhar was arrested in Mumbra when he entered a bus for Aurangabaad.

Also the minor suspect was also picked up by ATS officials from Mumbra.as per the reports, he have finished a diploma in electronics and cyber science.

The ATS official said, Zamen Kuttepadi, got the  good knowledge about the chemicals as he used to work as medical representative and Mohseen apparently hired him for any potential chemical outbreak and logistic backing. An additional suspect Sarfaraz Ahmed was used to help Salman in finding the youths in mosques in order to provoke and influence them to join ISIS.

Right now the investigation is going on and any further detail regarding them and their future planning attacks will be revealed soon.