A 20 years old Model filed FIR against TV actor Parth Samthaan for molesting her

A 20 years old Model filed FIR against TV actor Parth Samthaan for molesting her :- Mumbai: On Sunday, a 20-year old model has accused actor Parth Samthaan of molestation. She also has filed a FIR against him at the Bangur Nagar Police Station in Mumbai.

The victim model claims that Parth misbehaved with her. She also stated that he and his friends shared her details on their Whatsapp group. They called her easy on Whatsapp and they also said that her character was bad, also leaking her pictures and that they would target 16-year-old girls.

In her statement, the model said that there was no dispute between me and Parth Samthaan on any financial matter. She said that I have known him for more than 4 years. In many occasions, Parth has tried to propose me – not for a relationship but having a good time.

She further said that after returning from a party in an alcoholic state, Parth misbehaved with me. After which I stopped contact with him for some time. Parth really apologised and as we have been friends for years, I decided to forgive him for the behaviour. But soon after that, I started getting shameful and insulting calls from boys who would want favours from me.

She said that someone was sharing my number with people. His Whatsapp controversy where they made a group called whores and more whores where he shared details about women and his voice notes are available. The voice notes clearly mention me and him stating that I have a bad character and I am easy.

She said that in the last week of January, he again misbehaved with me and I informed my mother about this incident. My mother gave me the strength to file the FIR against Parth. There is a lot of pressure on ur family to take the case back, but I realised that this is not for a single woman but for those women who were targeted in the Whatsapp group by these people. These actors target young girls and then share their details so that they can be exploited. Just because I didn’t give in, I was targeted and my reputation was put at stake. I am not taking any case back and I will fight it till the end. They have leaked my pictures online and revealed my name.

In his defence, actor Parth Samthaan has called all allegations against him false and baseless. The actor had made news a few years ago that TV producer Vikas Gupta had molested him and this time again he has accused Gupta of trying to demean him by influencing the model’s decision to file the FIR.