A body of 23 years old teacher of delhi found in a canal in Hapur, UP

A body of 23 years old teacher of delhi found in a canal in Hapur, UP :- The UP Police found the body of a 23-year-old school teacher in a canal near Hapur in Uttar Pradesh. The body of a school teacher was found after the more than 30 hours.  The teacher went missing from her home in Wazirabad, Delhi on Saturday.


UP police said that the woman was identified as Naina. She was murdered and her body was dumped in the canal in Hapur. The Hapur Police suspects the involvement of her family members in the murder because her parents and brother are also missing since Saturday.

Police have also not ruled out the possibility of a suicide pact among the missing family members after killing the daughter.

A Hyundai Santro car belonging to the father of Naina was found parked near the spot from where her body was discovered. There were blood stains on the seats. The blood stains on the car seat indicated that she was murdered inside the car before dumping her body in the canal. The doors of the car were open when the Hapur police reached the crime scene, according to the police sources.


A case has been registered at Hapur police station. On Monday morning, the Hapur police team informed the relatives of Naina in Delhi about Naina’s murder. Hapur Police sought their help in tracing Naina’s missing family members. The Police questioned relatives to find out more about the murder.

Naina was a teacher in a private school in northeast Bhajanpura, Delhi. Naina lived with her parents, Ved Prakash and Sadhna, and brother, Shubham, at their Wazirabad home.

The relatives revealed during the police interrogation that Naina left home on Saturday around 6pm, while her family members followed her in their car after half an hour.

The Police officer said that At Prime Facie it is believed that family member of Naina met her on the way and then drove towards Hapur. The mobiles of all family members were switched off soon after they crossed the Delhi border. What happened later is a matter of probe.

The father of Naina Ved Prakash owned a garments store in Majnu Ka Tilla, Delhi. He rented out two floors of his house to tenants in Wazirabad village.