A Local Farmer found some artefacts of Indus Civilization in UP & some gold coin

Uttra Pradesh: Recently a local farmer found a cache of artefacts. It is believed to be from the Indus Valley civilization. The farmer found the artefacts while he was digging a trench in his field. He found several copper utensils – dates back approximately 4,500 years old.

When the farmer found the artefacts and some coins, since then the gold rush is underway in Harinagar, UP.


The rumour spread like a wildfire that a treasure was found at Harinagar Village. The rumour took root that the farmer had also chanced upon gold coins. A larger treasure may still be lying buried in the field of a farmer.

A local Tularam Singh said that some of other farmers started digging up their fields, but all they found were a few more utensils.

When the District Magistrate B Chan drakala heard about the rumour, she immediately contacted the Archaeological Survey of India( (ASI) office in Agra, Uttra Pradesh. The Administration deployed the local police in the area to keep the treasure hunters at bay, as the archaeologists arrived to examine the discovery.


Bhuvan Vikram who is a ASI superintending archaeologist in Agra circle said that the utensils which is found in the recently dig up were most likely from the Harappan days. He also added that archaeologist department will start a research operation to determine the exact date and period of these utensils. Officials said that there may be more valuable articles or artefacts buried in the field and want to excavate the concerned area.

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