A new cab hailing app will be launched by drivers’ unions in Bengaluru

A new cab hailing app will be launched by drivers’ unions in Bengaluru :- After the cab aggregator companies and the Transport Department refused to heed to their demands, Drivers’ unions working with Ola and Uber have decided to launch their own cab-hailing app.

The State President at Karunada Rajya Taxi Owners and Drivers Association – Mr Kiran Gowda said that we will launch the new app – Taxi For Ride. It has already been developed but is yet to be released. We are looking for investors. The office, monitoring system, staff and others are being worked upon.

The Taxi For Ride service will have fixed meter rates as set by the state government.

Mr Gowda said that we will have Rs 19.5 for AC cabs and Rs 14.5 for Non-AC cabs per kilometre. There will be no incentives for drivers. They now earn only around Rs 1,000 to Rs 1,500 per day. We will assure them of Rs 2,500 returns a day. The rate of commission will be 10%.

He further said that from the driver’s trip, the company will take 10%. Of this, 5-8 % will go for maintenance of systems, app, staff and office. We are aiming for a small staff size, relying more on technology. There will be no surge pricing or extra night charges of any form.

Recently, the State Transport Commissioner M.K. Aiyappa formed a committee to fix the minimum fare for cabs.

State President – Mr Gowda said that for a mini-cab, the minimum fare will be Rs 10 and for bigger ones like Sedan with car trunks it will be a minimum of Rs 13. The licence and approval of the new app will be finalised in the coming days.

After repeated strikes and protests at Freedom Park, the drivers’ union made this new app. The drivers were complaining of lack of promised compensation and incentives by Uber and Ola companies.