A87 Road Accident Video, Teenager Airlifted To Hospital To Save Her Life details Explained!

The breaking and shocking news of this hour is that the police have requested for the witnesses who witness the accident which was happened between a car and a motor-home and in the result of this accident a teenager gets inured and later airlifted to the hospital by an air ambulance. The incident took place at the A87 Glen Shiel road and happened in the mid-afternoon of Saturday at around 4.30 PM. The accident was so harsh and disgusting by which the teenager who droves the motor home gets seriously injured and the driver of the car gets severe injuries on his body. After the accident, the police and the rescue team rushed to these pot to check out the whole situation where they fund that a car and a motor-home get crashed with each other and the drivers gets severely injured in this harsh and serious collision.

A87 Road Accident Video, Teenager Airlifted To Hospital To Save Her Life details Explained!

The actual;l location of the accident where the accident took place is that it is around 20 miles east of Kyle of Lochalsh and in the accident, a blue Hyundai along with a white Fiat Ducato motor-home was present in which the crash has happened. The teenager later shifted to the hospital for rescuing them for the life-threatening injuries which they got while driving the car on the road and still there is no health updates comes regarding both of them.

As per the statement of the police, they stated that at around 4.30 PM where a blue Hyundai was moving on the A87 road which was coming from Balmacara and then suddenly the car lost the control and crashed into the westbound carriageway where it is crashed with a white Fiat Ducato motor-home. The police reached the spot along with the rescue team for protecting the teenagers.

The police identified the drivers of both cars and found that a 26-year-old male driver driving the car got minor injuries on his body with this cabinet while the 27-year-old female driver got serious injuries who drove the motor-home by which she was taken to hospital for rescuing her. After the accident, the roads where the accident occurred gets closed from both of the direction and the investigation is under the process regarding the accident. The police appeal to the eyewitnesses to come forward and release a statement regarding the accident.

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