AAP Arvind Kejriwal sacks Sandeep Kumar, I touch her feet before leaving the house every morning

New Delhi: On Wednesday night, Sandeep kumar was sacked by Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal just before the media started playing tapes, of Kumar’s alleged escapades in a house that looked like his hunting ground, on loop.


In a CD sent anonymously to media houses, Minister of Women and child welfare – Sandeep Kuma allegedly figures with two different women. In one of them — a nine-minute video — he is seen in an objectionable position with a woman, whom he later advises to meet him only after 9 pm and never in public. The CD also contained still pictures allegedly showing Kumar with another woman in varying degrees of proximity.

Allegedly, instead of helping women in need, a job mandated by his ministry, Kumar was helping himself to women to satisfy his needs.

Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi Manish Sisodia said that AAP had set high standards of probity in public life by taking quick action against Kumar. AAP is a party of ideas. AAP has a zero tolerance policy towards scandals, corruption.

He told the media that action will be taken swiftly against any member of any status or position. Ministers found taking bribes were removed immediately as soon as it was found.


AAP minister Sandeep Kumar told his audience in a speech that went viral last year on International Women’s Day (8 March) that he takes blessings of his wife almost every day before venturing out.

He said that Main roz subah inke pair choo kar ghar se nikalta hoon (I touch her feet before leaving the house every morning).

If the video is right, the minister was obviously fooling a lot of people at the same time, both in public and in private.

Earlier, CM Kejriwal had said that if the politics is mud(Keechad), we will have to get deep into it to clean keechad. But, now his Aam Aadmi Party now looks like keechad – a mini replica of Indian politics.

Last year in the month of October, Kejriwal had publicly sacked the then minister of food and environment – Asim Ahmed Khan for seeking bribes. After defending him publicly, Kejriwal had to sack law minister Jitendra Tomar for faking a degree.

More than a dozen MLA of AAP have been arrested or sacked in the 18 months of period.

Aam Aadmi Party has betrayed the blessings and faith of people, like patni-vrata Sandeep Kumar.