After NDTV India – 2 others News channel to go off air on 9th November

After NDTV India – 2 others News channel to go off air on 9th NovemberAfter the ban on NDTV India, the government of India also imposed a ban on the news channel of Assam – ‘News Time Assam’ after the recommendation of a high level committee.

According to the committee that the channel violated the guidelines of the programming many times. Further, the ministry has also imposed a ban on another news channel – ‘Careworld TV for seven days starting from 9th November. The channel has been accused of showing objectionable contents.


The order of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting on 2nd November has asked the channel ‘News Time Assam’ for a day to stop broadcasting on 9th November.

The channel was accused of showing the identity of minor girl during the broadcast of the programme. The minor girl was a maid and she was brutally beaten by her owner. The accused channel also showed the dead bodies on the programme.


The ministry had issued a ‘Show Cause Notice’ in the month of October in 2013 to the channel in response to show the identity and dignity of the minor girl on their programme. After listening to the channel side, the inter-ministerial committee which investigated the case, has felt that the channel to be told for off air for one day.

As per the language of the news, the ministry had raised the question on the coverage by the NDTV on the Pathankot Attack and instructed the channel by sending a notice that the broadcast of NDTV India might be postponed for a day on 9th November. In reply to the notice, the NDTV said that the channel is targeted in a particular way, but all the news channel and the newspaper had showed the same coverage.

After the dark days of emergency, when the press was shackled, then such action on NDTV is an extraordinary incidents in itself. Accordingly, the NDTV is considering all options in this case.