Agusta Westland Case CBI Summoned Infotech MD & Aeromatrix CEO

Now CBI took a strict action in the Agusta Westland and summoned to Pratap Agarwal Managing Director of Infotech and Aeromatrix CEO Praveen Bakshi yesterday. CBI is investigating all the facts included in this case.

TH10_TYAGI__2846730fCBI investigated and questioned lawyer Gautam Khaitan and three cousins brothers of former Air Chief SP Tyagi in this case. According to CBI Rajeev, Sanjeev and Sandeep Tyagi are in a property link with S.P Tyagi and CBI suspects that SP Tyagi could hide his bribe money through his brothers.

CBI cleared on Monday that SP Tyagi is a prime accused in Agusta Westland bribery case. CBI also said that former Air Chief SP Tyagi received money from foreign on his account in 2009. CBI asked SP Tyagi about the overseas remittances and questioned about the details of his bank account.

Mr. Tyagi set his four companies in Noida after his retirement, and he retired in 2007. SP Tyagi also had a 50% partnership in a consultancy firm. His cousins run the consultancy firms, and they were also accused in this bribery case.

CBI summoned Praveen Bakshi of IDS and Pratap Agarwal of Aeromatrix Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd and questioned them about their work in Agusta Westland under engineering contracts.
CBI summoned them again in this case along with lawyer Gautam Khaitan on Tuesday.

On the other hand, Congress asked defense minister Manohar Parirkar to clarify Manmohan Singh remark in this case. CBI filed a case aginst SP Tyagi and his brothers. Well, ED could go to other countries to continue the investigation process in this case.

As the officials said that ED and CBI issued some letters to rogatory to various countries and investigators are eager to know more information and details on this case. They wanted to know about the funds and transactions made by individuals in this entire 3,600 Crores deal.

Well let’s see what’s happen who is the real accused and who is not? The truth will come out after a proper investigation on this case.

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