Ahem Tells Jigar Inspector Caught Premlatha!Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 4th March 2016 Friday Written Updates

Ahem Tells Jigar Inspector Caught Premlatha!Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 4th March 2016 Friday Written Updates :- The last night episode of the TV series “Saath Nibhana Sathiya” starts with Meera brings Durga and Dharam close. On seeing this Gopi becomes happy as Meera has become mature. Madhu goes to somewhere and Sona keep following her to know what Madhu is doing. Madhu is still not aware of it that Sona is following her.

Now Urmila pushes Gaura then Gaura becomes frustrated and takes her a side. In the mean time, Gaura has been planned something in the Meera’s room. Gaura has planned and put rats in Meera’s room as Meera gets scared from the rats. Now Meera goes to bring utensil of milk and Dharam also followed her and asks why she is doing all this. Meera says to Dharam that Durga is his wife and Meera is having some responsibility towards Durga.

Dharam says he is also having some responsibility towards Meera and Durga. But Dharam also clears this to Meera that he is in love with Meera and he needs Meera. Meera get shy with Dharam’s words and gives her nod to him. Now Gopi tells Pandit Ji that we organised this Pooja ceremony for sake of Kokila.
And she needs to do the Pooja in front of Kokila and now Gopi start Pooja. Madhu hides dung cakes in Chulha.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th March 2016 Full Episode

Now Gopi insists Kokila to do Chulha Pooja. Sona goes in Madhu’s room and searches proofs against her. Suddenly Sona scared to hear the voice of crackers and run from there. Sona is now unable to have the proofs. And Sona is feels regret for that.

Now Pandit says and he starts Pooja ceremony. He directs Kokila to put utensil of milk on Chulha. She lights matchstick and goes to light Chula but Sona knew something so she runs towards Kokila to save her but she slips and Kokila falls. And eventually the crackers burst.

Everyone gets shocked to see Sona there. Madhu accuses Sona. But Sona says Madhu has done all this. Sona tells Kokila that Madhu has done all this and Madhu is the one only who tried to kill Kokila. She is also behind the kidnapping. Madhu says Sona is lying. Gopi tells Sona to stop and stop saying anything against Madhu.

But Sona says about this that Madhu is the culprit and she is also having proved to expose Madhu. Sahir shouts at her. He gets angry and takes her out of the house. He says to stay away from this house and closes door. Sona cries.

Gopi hugs Kokila. But Gaura taunts them that the Modi family is unable to have peace in their life.