Alexa Sangalang Succumbed To Injuries After Traffic Accident In California

Alexa Sangalang Succumbed To Injuries After Traffic Accident In California:- Alexa Sangalang, a girl who was a doctor by profession died in a car accident in which her car collided the later big explosion happened and she was killed on the spot. This incident is now getting viral on the internet and Social media is filled with this news and tributes to her. People are surfing for this news to know more updates on the same. So, below we have mentioned the news in the next section. Here we have mentioned who she was, the cause of death and tributes and many other things you are here to know.

Alexa Sangalang Succumbed To Injuries After Traffic Accident In California

Who Was Alexa Sangalang?

She is believed in her 30s and by profession, she was a doctor. Her family told the media that at a young age she want to become a doctor and helped people and also she studied for the same but now after achieving her goals god took her life and her family condition is not good and asking more questions from them is not appropriate. We are searching for more about her so we can update it later in the next article. below we have mentioned the cause of her death.

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How Did Alexa Sangalang Die?

She left the home early to go to the hospital but her car collided with a building and later a big explosion happened and she fainted on the spot and later she was taken to the nearby hospital but die in the explosion her skin was burned and many of the body parts were not working. She died a very scary death and later her family knows about the incident and they get shocked seeing her in that condition. Her tributes and obituary details are shared in the next section. So, let’s have a look in the next section.

Tributes & Obituary Details Of Alexa Sangalang

Social media is filled with his tributes and people are sharing their feeling, one of her friends wrote that she was a hard-working student who just want to save the lives of people and because of her hard work she became a doctor and now she is not anymore. Her family wrote that they can’t believe this news and where ever she is may her soul gets rest. We also give condolences to the family and may her soul rest in peace.

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