Amou Haji ‘World’s Dirtiest Man’ Dies Aged 94 In Iran After First Bath In 70 Years

Amou Haji ‘World’s Dirtiest Man’ Dies Aged 94 In Iran After First Bath In 70 YearsIt is really very common for everyone to know that it is the most important thing to keep ourselves clean and ethical, but can you name one person who did not take bathe for decades? Yes, here we are talking about Amou Haji. However, it has recently been announced that Amou Haji is no more there with us. Below in the following article, we have shared all the details that we had related to Amou Haji. Read the article below to know more about Amou Haji.

 Amou Haji World's Dirtiest Man Dies Aged 94 In Iran After First Bath In 70 Years

Currently, Amou Haji is being famous, and now his name is in the trend because Amou Haji has become a name who did not take bath for decades. People are wondering how a man could live for more than 87 years and some days without even taking bath. According to the reports, Amou Haji was the only man on the earth, who had not taken bath in the last 67 years. In one of the interviews, Amou Haji mentioned that if he would take a bath, then he would fall ill. He had always believed that cleanliness would bring him so much sickness in him.

Who Was Amou Haji?

Amou Haji was around the age of 87. He belonged to Dejgah, one of the villages in the southern Iranian territory of the country Iran. He had not taken bath in the last 67 years. The man used to drink water from the rusty can, and he used to drink almost liters of water in a day. He used to wear the helmet in the winter season so that he could make himself warm.

Amou Haji was a man who used to smoke not cigarettes, but waste materials through a rusty pipe. Amou Haji looked like Biblical Moses who would have fallen from the chimney when he was alive. Even when someone would have looked at Amou Haji it was always a fact that Amou Haji would be filled with ashes all over his body with a lot of dirt. When Amou Haji realized that he could not live in that condition as society would not allow him to live in that way then he left his town and shifted to an island. As Amou Haji had left his home, none of his family members tried to search for him much, because they all somewhere knew the character of Amou Haji. Stay tuned to the website of Dekh News for the latest updates on the news on different topics.

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