April Love Geary Fiance Of Robin Thickie Mother of 3 See images And Details Explained!

The popular and talented singer naming Robin Thickie of one of the popular songs named Blurred Lines has been trending on the social web after her late follow-up accusation which was made by Emily Ratajkowski. As she accused Robin of the charge of misact with her in the year 2013 at the Blurred Lines set. Now after that minion fans of the singer are desperate to know the love of the singer’s life. So stick with us as we will tell who is the singer’s life and with that what was the assault information so follow us and read it completely.

Meet Robin Thicke's Fiancee "April Love Geary"

So let us tell introduce the singer’s love of life April Love Geary and with her, Robin has tied the knot and got engaged. Now you all will be curious to know who is she then she is a 26 years old model who is of Mexican, French, Irish and Dutch Descent. And previous this year She comes into the limelight as she openly speaks about her abortion and because of that she was criticized by the severals of users. As in an Instagram live session, she said that I am very sure that I would not be able to give a proper life to this unborn child so I decided to regret it as this is not the right time for me. And with that shared news of the model, she was banged by the followers on the platform.

According to the sources the duo couple April & Robin start dating in the year 2014 and before that the singer was married to Paula Patton but got separated very soon. In the year 2015 Robin and April declared their relationship publically and after three years the adorable couple got engaged in the year 2018 and the news came outside after April posted a photo of her engagement ceremony on her Instagram handle and in the caption she wrote 1000x times Yes. And now the couple is blessed with three kids as first baby girl was born in February, 2018 and her name is Mia Love Thicke while the next baby girl was born the year later i.e 2019, and in 2020 December month the couple welcomed their third baby and his name is Luca Patrick.

While currently Robin in the headlines as the model Emily has described in her upcoming book about Robin and in that she has revealed that after the drunken state of the singer Robin he indulge in inappropriate actions with her while Blurred lines shoot. Now at present, no further comments have been passed by the Singer yet but if any news comes regarding this we will update you soon. Till then stick with us and stay tuned.

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