Archaeological Exploration worth $101,612 displayed at the museum in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: On Thursday, a ceremony was held to mark the conclusion of the $101,612 archaeological exploration work at Qutb Shahi Heritage Park. This ceremony of archaeological exploration work conducted by the Aga Khan Trust for Culture and it was funded by the US government.


An extension of the museum at the complex, featuring  artefacts excavated from the tombs like pieces of pottery and metal glazed tiles, was inaugurated by US Consul General, Michael Mullins.

The trust explained the exploration which was conducted at the complex through the images of the once-buried structures obtained from 3D laser scanning technology. The names of the various important sites were also inaugurated.

The Trust said that a museum would soon be opened at the tombs but the details have not been finalised yet. The excavations revealed buried structures of the 16th century enclosure walls of Quli Qutb Shah’s garden-tomb.

There are some more antiques things found in the excavation such as stone elements, cannon balls, pestle and mortar, fragments of ceramic glazed tiles and lamps with multiple tongues’ to hold oil and wicks, remains of a mosque, a serai and a profusion of water features — terracotta pipes, tanks, baths and aqueducts. These antiques are all related to the 16th century.

The conservation architect with the Trust, Ratish Nanda said that More conservation work to be conducted on the monuments and landscaping is also to be done but as of now the excavation has come to an end.