Assumptions of Mary: History, Facts, Events, Prayers, Bible Verses 2016

Assumptions of Mary: History, Facts, Events, Prayers, Bible Verses :- The 15th of August is not only a historic day for India but even for the whole world. Meanwhile, when millions of Indians will be celebrating Independence Day, then the Catholics in another corner of the world will celebrate 15th August “Assumption of Mary” day.

assumption of Mary

I know many of you are not aware of Mary, bu you don’t need to bother about this as we are here with every single detail about the Assumption of the Mary.


The Mary is also known as the God of the mother as she was the mother of Jesus Christ. Also, traditional Catholics believes that Mary lived her whole life without a sin and thus, her physical body moves directly to the heaven.

Also, many churches have said the Virgin mother of Jesus, Mary and his son Jesus Chris, were destined to live their life without sin and thus, they never died like another human being and belief began the feast of the Assumption of Mary.

Assumption of Mary

Things You Should Know About Assumptions of Marry

  • Although, 15th August is celebrated as the Assumption of the Marry, but you will surprise to know that there is nothing written in the Bible about Assumptions of Mary.And, the believe about Mary came from the documents from the common catholic churches.
  • For Roman Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church, The Feast of the Assumption of Mary is a high feast Day. Meanwhile, in the orthodox tradition, this feast is called as the Dormition of the Theotokos,


  • Many believe Mary’s ascension into the heaven, but this was proven by the Thomas who was the only one who watched Mary’s ascension into heaven. Although, noon believed him, but it was said that after reaching in the heaven Mary throws her griddle and Thomas catches it.


  • Pope Francis about the Feast of the Assumption took to twitter on Aug 15, 2013 and told everyone that Mary mother who is the mother of Jesus , always guides us, shows us the way and guides us in taking us to the heaven.

Top Events of Assumption of Mary

  • During the Feast of the Assumption to see the blessing of flowers attend an Orthodox Church.


  • Also, the flowers and herbs are brought to the church for as offerings or to be blessed during the Feast of the Assumption. Meanwhile, if you want to do something to pay tribute to Assumption of Mary then plant herb of blow bulb in the honour of Mary.


  • The followers of the Orthodox Church are now on the two weeks fast and even if you are on a fast then visit d a community meal offered by many Orthodox Churches.


  • It is said that on 15th August, one should listen to the  to a rendition of “Ave Maria”, which is one of the most popular renditions is by Luciano Pavarotti.

Well, Assumption of Mary holds a vital cog for the Christain community, so our team would live to wish catholic peoples and Christians a very bleed Assumption of Mary day.