Baba Parmanand got Arrested For Sexual Exploitation Of Women

Baba Parmanand got Arrested For Sexual Exploitation Of Women : India is a country where faith and superstition are considered top. Most of the people ignored the doctor and preferred to go to the monks. So today we will tell you the news about a controversial “Godman Baba.” Yes, he and his devotees called him from this name.


From so many days, he was escaped. But now he is arrested by the police for sexual exploitation of women. As the reports said that the “Godman Baba” lived in Barabanki near Lucknow. He is arrested today for the charge of sexual exploitation of women.

An FIR complaint was registered against this baba for the sexually exploiting. Some women registered a case against him and said that he was sexually exploiting women in the name of treatment for infertility.

After their complaints, Police raided at his Ashram and seized so many several CDs of vulgar literature and porn movies. Later Parmanand Baba was arrested by the local police of Madhya Pradesh. Police arrested him from Satna and from that time Tiwari was absconding.

According to the reports, he raped over 100 women and made sex videos of them. Some videos of Parmanand Baba went viral on the social media in which he was seen having sex with the woman.

He is allegedly accused of raping 100 women in the name of rituals.
According to Parmanand’s driver Sunil Kumar, Godman Baba would do coarse acts with the women and assured them to bless a child.

Not only this Parmanand’s son and wife made sex videos of the women’s and blackmailed them. Finally, he is arrested by the police now police will produce “Parmanand” Baba in the court and seek custody to dig more information and details about the crimes of Godman in the name of conviction. People should understand these types of superstitions and avoid to attend in these types of “Ashram”.