Bahamas Government Issued A Travel Advisory for citizens visiting US after shootings

Bahamas Government Issued A Travel Advisory for citizens visiting US after shootings In the recent days in USA, there is high tensions in some cities over the shooting of black males by the police officer. So the Bahamas has issued a travel advisory for its citizens planning to go to the USA.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bahamas released an advisory to its citizens and said that we wish to advise all the citizens of Bahamas traveling to the US but especially to the affected cities to take appropriate caution generally. Especially young males of Bahamas are asked to exercise extreme caution in affected cities of USA. Do not be confrontational and cooperate. The Independence holiday weekend is going to start, so many Bahamians will not miss the opportunity to travel some destinations in the United State of America.

The Ministry also warned the citizens of Bahamas that Bahamians do not get involved in political or other demonstrations under any circumstances and avoid crowds in USA.

The Bahamas has many consular offices in the cities of USA. The consular offices of Bahamas is in New York, Washington, Miami and Atlanta.The honorary consular of Bahamas is in Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago and Houston cities of USA.

The unknown sniper shot dead the five police officers during the protest in Dallas in the revenge of shooting of two black men by cops in Louisiana and Minnesota.

Six other officers were also injured in the shoot out in Dallas.

The people had gathered to protest against the killing of Philando Castile on Wednesday by a cop in Minnesota and Alton Sterling was shot by a policeman on Tuesday in Louisiana.

People across the country vented their anger and the people were carried out rallies in Minnesota, Louisiana, Chicago, New York and many other cities of USA.

Philando Castile was a school food services worker. He was shot by a cop in Falcon Heights on Wednesday, outside Minneapolis. A police officer pulled him over because of a broken taillight of the car and then the cop shot him, said his fiancee, Diamond Reynolds. She was in the car with Castile, along with her 4-year-old daughter.