Bangalore: 20,000 Voices Cry Out Together For Justice!

Bangalore: 20,000 Voices Cry Out Together For Justice! :- Well, As you all know that famous editor, writer Gauri was shot down inside her own residence in Bangalore. After that people, social activist and so many other big figures came out together and raised their voice on the Internet. Overall, since the day this incident happened everybody is talking about the brutal murder and justice. This is not just a murder of a Gauri even it is a murder of freedom of speech, social workers, and our nation’s purity.

Overall, yesterday Bangaluru faced the biggest social rally every which is not political at all. Also, lots of people students and much more people come out together as one. Journalist P. Sainath shared very emotional and straight forward speech at Central College and said: “If the people of the country don’t stand up against the culture of intolerance, there will be more killings,”

20,000 Voices Cry Out Together For Justice!

People came out together as one and screamed and Cries of “We Are Gauri”, led by activist Medha Patkar, marched for Rally of Resistance. Over 20,000 people, including writers, rationalists, artists, and students were present at the event, one of the largest nonpolitical gatherings in recent history.  Also, so many political people tried to join this rally but overall it is not a political rally after all. Students from Christ University, NLSIU, and St. Joseph’s joined AAP workers at City Central Railway Station and after that, they all marched together to the venue.

Even Teesta Setalwad the famous social activist said and asked questions like “Gauri questioned caste and exclusion for the concepts of secularism and pluralism. They are embedded deep within our nation’s soil and no majoritarian fascists can take that away from us. Those who choose to kill are cowards.”

Also, Dalit activist Jignesh Mevani made everyone attached with him by his words, “Despite attempts by Mohan Bhagwat, the PM and the Sanatan Sanstha, the massive turnout today indicates that their attempts to stifle our voices have failed,”

In the end, everyone noticed the big reaction of these people, students, and public figure and working hard to get the killers of Gauri. Also, the only question remaining here is that raising voice about anything is going to get you killed? Are you not safe in your own country?