Bangladeshi Plane Hijacker was carrying toy gun: He is mentally imbalanced too

Bangladeshi Plane Hijacker was carrying toy gun: He is mentally imbalanced too: As you all might know that Bangladeshi Plane was hijacked earlier yesterday but the hijackers’ pistol was fake like the courage of Pakistan. Just kidding, the news is coming straight from the Bangladesh where the hijacker tried to hijack a plan alone and for god sake, nothing went wrong. Sources are saying that the accused was alone and wasn’t in his right mind when he tried to hijack the plane.

Suspected Bangladesh Plane Hijacker Who Was Killed Had Toy Pistol: Police

You all should know that the Kusum Dewan, additional commissioner of Chittagong police, said, “The pistol with the suspect was a toy pistol and he had no bomb attached to his body,” Overall, it is great news that the pistol was fake and nothing went wrong. Also, the Police added, “He appeared to be mentally imbalanced. We heard he had a personal issue with his wife and demanded to speak to the prime minister. But we are still investigating. We don’t want to come to any conclusions right now.”

Even, it is quite big news and the main question is how the man or the hijacker was able to take the gun and him on the plane without checking. You all should know that the investigation is still on and the Police are trying to find the right answer to all the questions. For now, we can only say that the Police is going to investigate the whole thing and then they’ll say anything.

Also, the accused believed to be in his 20s had managed to board the plane without any big issues is the big issue. “It was the responsibility of the Civil Aviation Authority to search each passenger before boarding and it was done for this aircraft also, but it is a big question to us that how he boarded with a pistol,” Police said.“Now we are focusing on two issues – his background and identity and the security aspect that how he boarded with a pistol.”