Bengaluru: Woman’s Decomposed Torso Found Dead in Outskirts, Poilce

A piece of shocking news is coming out and is making the headlines of the media channels. The news is frightening and has been reported from Bengaluru. A completely damaged and ruined body of a woman has been found. The decomposed torso of the woman is expressing some tragic incident that may have taken place with her. The horrifying incident has scared the people in the area where the torso has been found. The police are suspecting that it might be a murder case. We are providing you with the whole story that we have sourced. Go through the complete article to get the entire information.

Woman's Decomposed Torso Found Dead

It has been reported that residents of Janta Colony were upset for a few days as a foul smell was spreading everywhere around. At first, they thought that it must be of some decomposed animal. The residents informed the police after they noticed a foul smell was increasing around the house. The police reached the site to investigate the cause. In an abandoned house, they found a decomposing torso of a woman. The body was damaged so much that there were no hands, legs and head.

Bengaluru: Woman’s Decomposed Torso Found

The police on interrogation from the residents of the Jantha Colony found that the house belonged to Geethama. Further investigations revealed that she was 54 years old and was living alone. The neighbours told that they did not saw her for a few days suspecting that she must have gone to visit her relatives. They also further informed the police that three men were living in her house on rent. They have also not noticed those men in the area. According to the neighbours, the three men were from Bihar and were working in a garment factory.

Geethama was working as a housekeeping staff member at an IT company as per the nearby people. Police informed that all the investigations are indicating that the tenants have killed the lady and have eloped now. Police are trying to find out the missing parts of the body. The neighbours told that she has two daughters. The daughters have been informed by the police. The police have made a special team to find out the three men. They informed that the case will be cracked soon as they will approach the garment factory and will locate the absconded killers. The incident has shattered the people. The concern for the people who are living alone has grown after this incident. We will be back whenever we get the development in the case. Stay tuned.

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