Benjamin Cole Execution: Why Did Oklahoma Man Killed His 9-Month-Old Daughter Brianna Cole?

Benjamin Cole Execution: Why Did Oklahoma Man Killed His 9-Month-Old Daughter Brianna Cole?:- A terrible incident took place where a man Benjamin Cole killed his infant by lethal injection. This might shock you that the infant was just 9 months old and he murdered his child and when you will came to know the cause of her murder it will give you goosebumps. This man has killed his infant in 2002 and now after so many years, he was caught in this murder which is told by his known. This news has shocked the world and we have shared some details on this news that will help you out with all your doubts. Let’s have a look.

Benjamin Cole Execution Why Did Oklahoma Man Killed His 9-Month-Old Daughter Brianna Cole

Who Was Benjamin Cole?

He was the one who killed his infant child and now he is 57 years old with grey hair and a beard and now he can’t walk and talk so much. It’s been said that he had brain damage and he was also diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia after his trial. Oklahoma the man was found guilty of killing her daughter. He was so angry at that time and below we have shared the reason why he killed his daughter in the next section.

Why Benjamin Cole Killed Infant Daughter?

So, this incident took place many years ago when his wife was washing clothes and when she cried she put in the coat and later she laid her down and left the room for washing the utensils and Cole was playing the video game named 007 and when she comes to her and disturbs him he pushed her badly that her blood veins broke and she was bleeding inside and later she was taken to the hospital and she was not saved as she was taken late. Later he came back home and asked her wife to have another child and she denied it.

Benjamin Cole Charges and Allegations, Explained!

The five courts had declined to this and when Jim Farris rejected the allegation the United States arrived before the execution and now another trial is fixed for him as his wife will also come for this case. As per reports, his health conditions are not good and police are now investigating in this case and now they are investigating in this case. We will surely update you when we get more updates on the same. Till then stay tuned with us fro more updates.

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