Bigg Boss 10 Episode Day 6 22nd October 2016 ‘Weekend ka Vaar’ written updates

The controversial reality shows Bigg Boss Season 10 is all set to showcase tonight that Salman Khan to pulls up Manu Punjabi for being too arrogant he is in the house. The tonight episode of the first Weekend Ka Vaar section is yet to showcases of Bigg Boss Season 10 which is full of excitement level amongst fans and the contestants of the show are surely going to be high.

A host of the show, Salman Khan will be seen interacting with the contestants who will be seen locked inside the house through via ‘Me TV’. We all are aware that the Sultan actor is not the one who chops up with his words.

Bigg Boss 10 22nd October 2016 Written updates

All pumped up to host the Bigg Boss – Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Salman takes a round-up of the previous week and asks the contestants about their experience. Salman is completely taken aback by Manu’s attitude and asks him, “Tum Rohan Ka naam nahi jaante?.” (You don’t know Rohan’s name) Manu on the other hand firmly replies that he is actually not aware of the Rohan’s name anyway.

Bigg Boss 10 Episode Day 6 22nd October 2016 'Weekend ka Vaar' written updates

Salman just looks visibly annoyed with Manu’s attitude and asked to him that it has been a week inside the house and it is inappropriate as well fail to give the Proper Masala which he needs to give.

When Manu apologizes for his mistake from Salman Khan and the house, Salman verbally replied to him that it was not a mistake but it is Battamizi (being arrogant).

BB10 Eliminated contestant name

So here we can surely expect a lot of fireworks from tonight’s episode of the TV reality show Bigg Boss Season 10.
The first cat fight of Bigg Boss Season 10 kick-started with a war of words between ‘Indiawale’ (commoner) Priyanka Jagga and celebrity contestant VJ Bani which actually end day after on the 5 Day, Priyanka is the most active contestant of the show but still she is not coming good with the celebrity participants’ ‘Sevak’.

However, it looks like she won’t be ‘spared’ by the show’s host, Salman Khan, today, as promo of the show is saying so. Salman is seen asking Priyanka whether she teaches her children to say ‘Please’, ‘Sorry’, etc, as she is having here a different attitude. Bani appears to be a volatile personality, however, her reflexive behavior surprised the house anyway.

Bigg Boss 10 EP 7 Salman Khan weekend ka vaar video

After being locked inside the jail, Om Swami seems to have lost his calm, as he asks Bigg Boss to install an air conditioner in the jail area unless he will be getting a heat stroke. Manu Punjabi pulls his leg saying that he claims to be a Sanyasi but wants to live a luxurious life. Om Swami’s absurd remarks may be entertaining some of the housemates but are pissing off most, including the viewers did not like it.

Swami Ji eventually fights with every girl of the house which actually doesn’t like the girls of the house.

In the fifth episode yesterday, Swami threatens Bigg Boss while demanding an air conditioner, saying, “Main duniya ka sabse bada dhongi, sabse khatarnak badmaash hoon, sabse bada rakshas hoon. Bigg Boss but garmi lag rahi hai, yaa to air conditioner chala dijiye, warna main surang khodkar ke, jail todkar baahar bhaag jaunga. (I’m a fake baba, I’m a fraud, and I’m a devil. Bigg Boss, please switch on the air conditioner or I will dig a tunnel in the jail and flee out of the house).” Salman Khan, as the promo suggests, will be taking up Om Swami’s Jee class today.

As the day progresses, another task is introduced to for the celebrities (sevaks); one more chance to become the rulers of the house as but Bigg Boss believes that the Masters and Cooks need to prepare the food properly as most of the participants’ want tasty food so the house actually needs tasty food so there should be a perfect cook to prepares food.

Bigg Boss 10 Episode Day 6 22nd October 2016 'Weekend ka Vaar' written updates

The ‘Rocking Horse’ task is launched wherein the Bigg Boss house the makers asked them asks the ‘Sevaks’ and ‘Maliks’ to nominate two contestants from their respective teams to perform the task. According to the rules, the selected contestants are required to sit on a top of a rocking horse and to stick in the horse for such a long time and they have to drink water but she can’t go to the toilet too to hold on their peep for such a long time.

In the luxury task, Bani performed well but give up finally as she needs to sue the bathroom. But Priyanka after performing well fail to do finally as she can’t hold her bladder and peep on her pants which embarrassed her on the national television but she won the game finally.

Priyanka and Bani get into a kind of debate and heated argument on this topic and Baani asked to her that why she is desperate to win the task and about this Priyanka says, she wants to win for her children. “We aren’t poor but we aren’t rich either”.

Bigg Boss 10 Salman Khan Dazzling Appearance As Host (Priyanka Jagga Eliminated)

Bigg Boss season 10 hosted by Bollywood superstar Salman Khan is all set to witness the first eviction from the show. This week we have nominated participants’ including, Manu Punjabi, Priyanka Jagga, Antara Biswas and Gaurav Chopra and among this, the reports suggest that in the voting trend there is Gaurav Chopra highest gainer of the votes while Priyanka Jagga is the least vote gainer this week as per sources.

However, recent reports suggested that Antara Biswas aka Monalisa is all set to bid adieu the show but now the latest report says that as per a leading entertainment news portal, not Monalisa but commoner Priyanka Jagga is all set to leave the house tonight.

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