Bizarre: Man Kisses 12-Foot-Long King Cobra on Head Video Goes Viral in Internet

Currently, a man’s video is going viral on social media and getting a lot of attention. In a viral video, a is seen kissing a 12-foot-long king cobra. The man kissing a 12-foot-long king cobra on the head. This video is going viral on social media and grabbing the attention of the viewers. People are searching for this news in huge quantities. He was kissing a 12-foot-long king cobra on the head in a bizarre video. This video is on trending on various social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. If you want to know the complete information about this viral video, continue with this page until the end. Let’s read in detail.

Man Kisses 12-Foot-Long King Cobra on Head

According to the sources, a video is on viral in which a man was seen kissing a king cobra who is 12-foot-long. As per reports, this viral video was first posted on Instagram by Nick the Wrangler. After, sharing this video on Instagram, got millions of views and likes. This viral video has over 4 million views.  It is very important and safe to say that some people feared of snakes while some like to make distance themselves and some like to keep them as a pet.

Man Kisses 12-Foot-Long King Cobra on Head

Further, the 12-foot-long King Cobra is a venomous snake. People are watching this viral video in massive quantities. Moreover, people are sharing this video on various social media. People are giving dares to those people who don’t like snakes. The comment section is filled with funny comments. Sometimes, it may be risky to do something dangerous. It is always advised that keep away from this type of venomous snake, it may harm you. Always follow safety rules. If we talk about the viral video which is circulating on every social media platform. In a video, a man was kissing a 12-foot-long king cobra.

The viral snake video was posted on Instagram. The viral video was shared by Nick the Wrangler who is an animal and reptile lover. He introduced himself as a reptile and animal lover. He has an addiction to reptiles. He grabs a long king Cobra and then kissed the reptile’s head. He shared this video just a few minutes after filming the video. He wrote in the video’s caption” Would you kiss a 12-foot king Cobra? In just a few minutes this video got millions of likes. People are really liking this video. People are appreciating for this to Nick but they also advising to the Nick to stay safe.

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